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Businesses in Afghanistan:


0093 777 34 20 41  
Phone: 0093700191616 
Description:     Travel agency in Kandahar Afghanistan, contact us for travel services.
   onFOB Phone Cards website
Phone: 0093799097468 
Description:     The easiest and safest way to purchase refill cards for all Afghan Phone carriers including Roshan, AWCC, Etisalat, MTN, Afghan Telecom, and Salaam. You can buy the same scratch card numbers that you buy from phone shops. We deliver the scratch card number by email or direct deposit the credit on your provided phone number.
   Jamil Mangal Travels & Tours kabul
Phone: +93794131956 
Description:     Jamil Mangal Travels & Tours address kabul . afghanistan kotay sange sadiq bahar market Second home contact number +93785207757 / +93794131956 ادرس: کوته سنگی صادق بهار مارکیت منزل دوم skype : mahboobtanha1
   Sara Tile website
Phone: +989130507002 
Description:     تولید کننده و صادر کننده مستقیم کاشی و سرامیک به کشور افغانستان
   Ark Prefab Construction Company website
Phone: +93 787312490 
Description:     Ark Prefab is an international company registered and doing activities in countries such as Afghanistan, Germany and UAE and the company is founded in the leadership of experienced and Qualified Afghan citizen and . It has been engaged in the fields of construction, Logistic and Supply Services. Ark Prefab Construction Company has the capabilities to work in the sectors of Construction, Engineering, Architectural, Logistic and Supply Services which has been applied in past
   Shahzada Ramin Qayomi CO.LTD
Phone: 0780704040 
Description:     We have a variety of high quality dishes from the most famous companies of world, trust us, we guarantee our goods, the choice is yours. just visit us
   You Travel & Tours website
Phone: 0093 786 5200 30 
Description:     You Travels is a travel and tours services providing company headquartered in Mazar-e Sharif, Afghanistan which is run by a group of professional business men owning years of experience and expertise in field of travels and tours management. We at You Travels believe that our success lies in satisfaction of our customers. We also understand your situation that is why instant payments are not a requirement at You Travels. Through its credit facility service, You Travels makes it flexible and e
   LSEC website
Phone: 0795808220 
Description:     Land escape is an Afghan local company that we work in fileds of topographic survey, layout, design (roads & building) and soil test with 3 years of experinece and professional staff of working team.
   Pamir Silicon IT Services
Phone: 0775802242 
Description:     Pamir Silicon I.T Services (Pvt) Ltd. was established in 2012 as a software company. With its headquarters in Kabul, Afghanistan the company is engaged in the field of business applications software development. The company is geared toward providing innovative and intelligent solutions in focused business domains of HR (Human Recourse) and Quality Control. These applications cater to the needs of customers representing various business and industry segments.
   One Star Oil Company website
Phone: 0093 (0)796 06 06 06 
Description:     ONE STAR: is a full service petroleum and transportation company who maintain high standards for service and customer satisfaction established in 2008. ONE STAR is one of the most active and reliable Petroleum and transportation companies operating throughout Afghanistan, utilizing several types of diverse, modern heavy machinery and heavy transportation trucks. ONE STAR provides transportation services throughout Afghanistan
   kabul Real Estate
Phone: 0093787567636 
Description:     kabul real estate help you to rent, buy or sale properties in kabul for more info contact 0093787567636
   Butterfly Logistics Supply & Services website
Phone: +93 (0) 752-141-444 
Description:     Procurement & Logistics Supply & Services  Fuel, Gas & Oil  Automotives  Information Communication Technology (ICT)  Telecommunications (Tower, Mobile BTS, Solar & Microwaves)  Office Supplies & Stationery  Furniture’s supplies  Office/Home Appliances supplies  Generator & Power management,  Electrical Supplies  Food & Beverage Supplies  Uniforms & Tactical Gears Supplies. Telecommun
   Farabi Istitue of Health Sciences website
Phone: 0093 798174915 
Description:     farabi institute of health sciences is a private education center that registered in Ministry of public health and AISA offer diploma program such as midwifery ,nursing,pharmacy assistant ,laboratory technician ,
   Amir Rahyab Construction Company
Phone: (+93)0774636956 
Description:     Amir Rahyab construction company had been established in 2009 in ISEA agency. Since it established it has completed several projects in different parts of Afghanistan. This company has the professional staff, labour and engineers. We can provide best construction materials for you. If you want good quality you can contact us.
   Saba Film Production Company website
Phone: 0093 (0) 799565785 
Description:     SABA FILM production company is a non governmental and a non-political company. It was established and registered by the Ministry of Information and Culture by financial sustain of Mrs. Saba Sahar in 2002. The activities of the company are done by 15 professionals, qualified and well skilled staff, in the field of administration and management. SABA FILM Production Company produce, feature films, short educative films, documentary films, TV series drama and TV spots.
   Construction and logistics services
Phone: +93 (0) 799 324 239 
Description:     We are providing the following products and services transportation, export & import, manufacturing of construction materials, constructing of infrastructure, logistic services, providing diffrent types of conxes, medical equipments, plumbing equipments and services, woork tools supply, cleaning and maintenance services, electronic equipments, clothing, painting colors.
Phone: +93707350033 & +93789958599 
Description:     Baba Saifi Construction & Road building Company , established in 2009 , (BSCRC) business activities focus on several sectors: Road building Construction Machinery Supplier Construction and Construction Management, Engineering and Design, Procurement.
   Properties and Real Estate website
Phone: 0093700203260 
Description:     We provide rental houses in all Afghanistan main cities. Rent a house in Afghanistan.
Phone: 0789045570 
Description:     MIRAN LOGISTICES SERVICE COMPANY Miran logistics service company (MLSC) is holding the legal position to lead the Logistics services in the country with highly quality and reliability services. We are Overconfident to provide you such as: food services, fuel services, construction Material services and construction equipments services, furniture supplying, Stationery supplying, printing services, transportation heavy and light vehicle Services Computer and IT services, em
   Ali Sina Ltd Company website
Phone: +93 (0) 799 181 306/ 799 508 088 
Description:     We import variety of computers (Laptop & Desktop) along with computer accessories.
   Sazandgroup Engineering and Electrical Company website
Phone: +93( 0)77 4020085/ 77 4782227 
Description:     We are expert in Survey, Research and Designing the eclectic skeage in intonation standard.
   Afghan Dynamic Construction Logistic & Supply Services Co. website
Phone: +93 (0) 799 3444 22 
Description:     Our company is a local company and it works in the field of, residential construction, commercial construction, institutional consturction, road construction, water supply, sansitation, irrigation, supply of material and heavy construction machinery and also provide transport facilities.
   Qasre Zeba Flower website
Phone: +93 (0) 78 62 18 474 
Description:     making any type of flowers and has got photographers and camera men available for your parties.
   Lucky Insaf Aluminum website
Phone: +93 (0) 700 280 636 
Description:     We Produce windows and doors made of aluminum.
   Haji Nazamiden Mehrabi Car Saler Co. LTD website
Phone: +93 (0) 78 6262 525 
Description:     Sell and buy cars.
   Masawer Photo Studio website
Phone: +93 (0) 77 201 0961 
Description:     With fourteen years of experience in different countires he is trained in photography and design with highest standard of work.
   Nishat Brothers Construction Supplies & Conex Company website
Phone: +93 (0) 799 21 61 32 
Description:     Nishat Brothers is in your service with experienced and trained staff that constructs houses, Offices and many more.
   Fashion Magazine website
Phone: +93 (0) 79 64 16 007 
Description:     Fashion and style magazine
   Ashianah Sabz Mashriq Co.LTD website
Phone: +93 (0) 777 333 009 
Description:     Pool making as well as sona and Jacuzzi.
   Hashmat Brotheran Trade LTD & Logistics Service website
Phone: +93 (0) 700 171717 
Description:     We supply all kind of latest mobiles such as Nokia, Sumsung, Digital Camera, MP3 Mp4, Flash Memory and many more.
   Masood Ghafoori Co.LTD website
Phone: +93 (0) 77 566 3663 
Description:     we have all sort of Pakistani and Iranian paints, as well as isolation materials.
   Farooq Kareemi Company Ltd website
Phone: +93 (0) 700 29 30 16 
Description:     we distribute fleet guard products and choride battery for Afghanistan market. we also deal with all types of filter of heavy and light machinary as well as solving your all filtration problem
   Sattar Marzi Car Selling website
Phone: +93 (0) 777 005 005 
Description:     We import, export and sell of new and used cars.
   Sayed Rafiullah Karaizi Trading Co.Ltd website
Phone: +93 (0) 799 327 440 
Description:     Sayed Rafiullah Karaizi Trading co.Ltd is proud to present and introduce its services for fire extinguisher balloons and their complete fire accessories in international standard system SRKTC is established in 2001 and started providing its services from Kabul city and other provinces of Afghanistan with 7 years experience in refilling maintaining fire extinguisher balloons as well as importing fire fighting products. we have trained staff and we deal in different kinds of UPS, inventers Dry bat
   Asia Decoration/Flower website
Phone: +93 (0) 202 10 4770 
Description:     Supplier of all kind of a artificial and fresh flowers, making all kind of flowers according to your choice and we can accept all kind of orders.
   Qaderi Jewelrs website
Phone: +93 (0) 79 98 61 431 
Description:     We have all kinds of Jewelry from contries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Singapore, USA, Italy, Russia, Thailand and many more
   Afghanistan-e-Naween high School website
Phone: +93 (0) 77 81 25809  
Description:     Our School is open to all Afghan children from Saturday to thursday. We work hard to make Children's future bright.
   Aria City Hospital website
Phone: +93 (0) 75 202 4645 
Description:     Aria city hospital with contry's finest doctors are in your service 24 hours a day.
   Sarwary Travel Agency website
Phone: +93 (0) 788 181990 
Description:     our company is your travel partner. we have China's visa avilable and we can book your tickets whenever you want.
   Kabul interiors website
Phone: +93 (0) 20 220 1482 
Description:     We are the sole distributors of varius famous brand of interior products like LG PVC floor Rolls and Cushion Matts, Kimmco Glass wool insulation beauflor from Europe Laminated Wooden Floors and wall panels and Maxi bond special ahesive for PVC Floor rolls and etc.
   Royal British Technologies website
Phone: 0093774636111 
Description:     Royal British Technologies (RBT Ltd.) is a registered Afghan IT and Technical service and solution provider in Afghanistan with offices in major cities inside and outside Afghanistan. Due to substantial demand and needs for Information Technology and Telecommunication in Afghanistan, RBT was created and established in May 2009. RBT was previously known as GT Ltd. Our Aim is: • To provide the best and quality IT and Technical services and solutions in all over Afghanistan. • To make
   Nil website
Phone: 0786619650 
Description:     Dear all i want to start business in kabul.i have contract of Garments from Pakistan.such as Sherwani,Leather Jackects,best quality of jeans,shirts etc.i want to find people who interest in this business
   Farhad Tailor & Store
Phone: 0093 (0) 799 324 580
Kabul Share-e-now, Cinama Zinab street, Near Ministry of Women's Affairs 
Description:     Bespoke custom tailor for tailor made suits, shirts, coats, pants and other mens clothing in a wide range of the latest styles. Good quality work at the right prices. Kabul Share-e-now, Cinama Zinab street, Near Ministry of Women's Affairs
   Everest Pizza website
Phone: 0799317979 / 0779317979 / 0700195200 
Description:     We Have honour to entertain you and your Guest with the most different pizza in the best quality in restuarant in Wazir Muhammad Akbar Khan And Shahrak Arya Afghanistan, free delivery to work place and home.
   Bia2 Men & women's designer cloth
Phone: 0093799344260 
Description:     We make men & women's designer cloth to your request. Our prices are the best in Kabul, just contact us for your tailer made cloth. Wazir Akbar khan, Kabul, Afghanistan
   Elonat Magazine website
Phone: 0093 777 34 20 41 
Description: is the largest online Afghan and Iranian business finder. Our Vision is to become the largest and comprehensive search engine for Afghan and ...
   iMPERIAL Stores Kabul2 website
Phone: +93-786-333-117 
Description:     We Deal with the large Amount of Garments, Shoes, Purses for Gents Ladies and for Childrens from the world branded Companies... Following are the Brandes:- 1:- Hush Puppies 2:- Pirre Carden 3:- Fayva 4:- Epcot 5:- Impact by iMPERIAL 6:- River Stone and so on...
   Chelsea Day To Day
Phone: +93 700 228 488 
Description:     We deal with different types of Cosmetics, Perfumes, Shampoos from the world branded Companies for more information contact us.
   Paiwastoon Networking Services Ltd website
Phone: +93 (0) 7000 64106 
Description:     PAIWASTOON is an Afghan company that aims to provide IT solutions that address unique challenges in Afghanistan and contributes to the Afghan public and private sector. PAIWASTOON literally means 'Connect' in Dari and Pashto. PAIWASTOON is a leading advocate of the .af domain and seeks to provide not only solutions to the challenges of Afghanistan but also education on the effective use of technology in Afghanistan. Everything that PAIWASTOON does is available in Dari and Pashto we believe th
   Ariana Television website
Phone: +93 (0) 70 111555 
Description:     The founder and CEO of Telephone Systems International (TSI), Mr. Ehsan Bayat, launched a private, non-partisan, television and radio station in Kabul in summer 2005: ARIANA Television Network (ATN) and ARIANA Radio (FM 93.5). ATN provides original content that helps re-kindle Afghan traditions and culture, as well as English-language and international programming that will help offer “a window for a better tomorrow” and bring the world to all Afghans. ATN programming places particular emphasis
iMPERIAL Stores Kabul2
We Deals with the large Amount of Garments, Shoes, Purses for Gents Ladies and for Childrens from the world branded Companies...
Following are the Brandes:-
1:- Hush Puppies
2:- Pirre Carden
3:- Fayva
4:- Epcot
5:- Impact by iMPERIAL
6:- River Stone and so on...
Contact: Charah-e-Turabaz Khan 2nd and 3rd Floor Faryab Market Kabul Afghanistan
Chelsea Day To Day
we deals with different types of Cosmetics, Perfumes, Shampoos from the world branded Company...
Contact: Shahre Naw Charah-e-Turabaz Khan Faryab Maket Kabul afghanistan
Nabi Ullah Aqui Handicrafts & Cloth House
All kind of Afghan Handicrafts & Cloth
Contact: Shop No. B-11 Kabul City Center
Charrahi Shahr-e-Now Kabul Afghanistan
Mob: 070260201
Zia-e-Khurasan Zamen Pvt Limited

Ziaullah Wahab

Address: Kabul City Center Charahi Ansari
Sahara-e-Now Kabul - Afghanistan
Mobile:+93 (0)798 988 166 - +93 (0) 797 975 950
           +93 (0)777 210 020 - +93 (0)700 210 020
Office No #B_7
Fax: +93(0)202202292
P.o Box No: 515

Kam Air

Ariana Afghan Airways

Safi Landark Hotel

Central Bank of Afghanistan

Kabul Bank

Azizi Bank

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